Importance of Images for Automotive Dealers

With the increasing need to advertise and increase dealership sales, it is only normal for automotive dealers to post online. And for such dealerships, it is fair to say that it’s the images and not the words that speak for the business. Sub-standard photos that are not clear, have poor lighting and low resolution won’t do your dealership any justice.

Here are some examples of why dealership images are important:

1.      Online shoppers research online before making sales.

GE Capital Retail Bank’s second annual Major Purchase Shopper study found out that 81% of consumers go online before they visit stores. The best move for any automotive dealer is to invest in quality images of their vehicles. And what better way to do that other than through digitally enhanced images? You see, with digitally enhanced images, the photo looks better than what the camera and lighting were able to capture. Digitally editing images also covers up imperfections in the image and things that are out of the photographer’s control.

2.      Better enhanced images equals more sales.

It goes without saying that the more impressive the image looks, the more attention it will get from potential customers. And with digital enhancing, the image is rid of all blemishes. There is increased lighting where needed, change of the images’ properties without necessarily scheduling a photo shoot and hiding of irrelevant details. This will leave your images looking like a million bucks!

3.      Crystal clear photos speak out to customers.

Images with low resolution make the potential client frown and disinterested in the product and this could be detrimental for ones’ business. Crystal clear photos will not only raise interest but are a clever way for one to create buzz. It is also common habit that images that are flawless are generally held in awe (remember how mesmerized people are while flipping through car magazines). The people will then associate your dealership with quality products.

4.      100% of customers look at photos.

Images speak louder than words! While customers are searching online for cars, they want to see the images first then maybe read the review later. This calls for quality images to ensure your products stand out.

 Original raw picture is on top and the bottom picture is branded with Dealership Logo, Color Corrected and Sharper.

orig picture
enhanced photo


And while you invest in digitally edited images, why not also find a dedicated staging area for your images. This is to ensure more exposure. All in all, digitally enhanced photos will go a long way in improving your dealerships sales.