Graphic Design- Web

  • AutosNE Digital Conversion

    AutosNE Digital Conversion

    Each week we take the print files for AutosNE magazine and create an online publication....

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  • Auto Sales CT

    Auto Sales CT

    Did a design for Auto Sales CT in Wolcott. The dealership wanted to inform their customers that they provided a...

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  • European Motorcars

    European Motorcars

    Picture ad for European Motorcars Facbebook ad 2013....

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  • Papas Dodge

    Papas Dodge

    Attachment design to promote credit approval to their online listings....

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  • A New England Auto

    A New England Auto

    Design for Dealership to attach to all of their online listings....

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  • Remote Starters 2011

    Remote Starters 2011

    Web ad for email and Google ad words. Stay warm this year...

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  • Photo Border with Logo

    Photo Border with Logo

    Another design for Jonathan Fino Hvac. Attached to all of his pictures on his website....

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  • Cromwell Automotive Boss Announcement

    Cromwell Automotive Boss Announcement

    Did this for the web and email to announce they were a new Boss plow dealer....

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  • Pool ad

    Pool ad

    Designed a pool repair ad for craigslist back in 2010. Also attached it to emails....

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